If you’re considering advancing your career or entering the tech industry as a Systems Engineer, you might be wondering if this role is in demand. We’ve got great news for you: Yes, Systems Engineers are highly sought-after and will continue to be in the future. 

Additionally, you can do work from home With the rapid pace of technological change, the constraints of legacy systems, and the fierce competition in the business world, businesses rely on Systems Engineers to oversee the introduction of new technologies and maintain efficient systems.

In this article, we’ll explore the broader picture of the Systems Engineering field, including its different job titles, the diverse job opportunities across the US and various companies, and the salary range. Let’s dive in and get all your questions answered, along with a practical guide on where to start your job search. Excited? Let’s get started!

Duties and Responsibilities of a Systems Engineer

To ensure a shared understanding, let’s begin with the fundamental definition of a Systems Engineer. Typically, a Systems Engineer combines multiple engineering disciplines to design, procure, and install computer systems that cater to a business’s needs. They actively participate in various project phases, including installation, acquisition, testing, and implementation.

Their typical responsibilities include providing scalability recommendations, troubleshooting system issues, reviewing security requirements, and recommending security measures to safeguard sensitive data.

Job Outlook for Systems Engineers

As technological systems continue to evolve, Systems Engineers have become integral to virtually all businesses requiring system design and maintenance. Therefore, the job outlook for Systems Engineers is promising. Companies across various industries seek candidates with relevant experience and the ability to meet their system requirements. In this case, Hiremefast can help you to get your desired job. Also, you can get remote jobs as a system engineer.

Numbers and Salary Potential

At the time of writing, we found substantial job listings for “Systems Engineer” on various platforms. Indeed had 43,103 listings, Glassdoor had 23,240, LinkedIn had 72,202, and ZipRecruiter had an impressive 653,348 listings. Clearly, there are numerous options to choose from!

Regarding compensation, the estimated total annual compensation for a Systems Engineer is $113,234, with an average salary of $83,695 per year.

Highest-Paying States and Companies

The location has a significant impact on Systems Engineers’ salaries. Let’s take a closer look at various states and companies that offer the highest pay. Also with the help of Hiremefast, you can search for online jobs. numbers represent the average median:


Number of open listings: 3,705 (Glassdoor) and 8,080 (Indeed)

Average annual salary: $99,500

Total annual pay: $151,147

New York State:

Number of open listings: 990 (Glassdoor) and 1,600 (Indeed)

Average annual salary: $96,183

Total annual pay: $145,675

New Jersey

Number of open listings: 570 (Glassdoor) and 657 (Indeed)

Average annual salary: $75,230

Total annual pay: $110,760


Number of available listings: 950 (Glassdoor) and 1,380 (Indeed)

Average annual salary: $76,370

Total annual pay: $103,780

Remote, Nationwide:

Number of open listings: 2,350 (Glassdoor) and 3,170 (Indeed)

Average annual salary: $44,155

Total annual pay: $119,750


Number of open listings: 2,060 (Glassdoor) and 3,000 (Indeed)

Average annual salary: $72,976

Total annual pay: $100,671


Number of available listings: 1,087 (Glassdoor) and 1,675 (Indeed)

Average annual salary: $76,328

Total annual pay: $112,210


Number of open listings: 750 (Glassdoor) and 1,100 (Indeed)

Average annual salary: $85,545

Total annual pay: $111,558


Number of available listings: 514 (Glassdoor) and 743 (Indeed)

Average annual salary: $86,435

Total annual pay: $115,124


Number of open listings: 657 (Glassdoor) and 1,070 (Indeed)

Average annual salary: $75,957

Total annual pay: $117,299

Top-Rated Companies for Systems Engineers:

Here are some top-rated companies in various sectors known for providing excellent pay, benefits, and career growth opportunities to their Systems Engineers:

Cisco Systems

Company rating: 4.3

Average annual salary: $135,200

Benefits: Excellent healthcare, insurance, parental leave, wellness benefits, flexible retirement plans, and more.

SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation, Inc.)

Company rating: 4.1

Average annual salary: $116,310

Benefits: Generous benefits package, including health insurance, monetary bonuses, tuition reimbursement, and flexible work schedules.


Company rating: 3.8

Average annual salary: $103,198

Benefits: Relocation assistance, health insurance, remote work options, and generous retirement savings plans.

Raytheon Technologies Corporation

Company rating: 4.0

Average annual salary: $97,335

Benefits: Excellent health insurance, on-the-job training, mentoring programs, and retirement savings plans.


Company rating: 3.8

Average annual salary: $80,780

Benefits: Comprehensive insurance, wellness programs, tuition reimbursement, and retirement plans.

Alternative Titles for Systems Engineering Jobs

Aside from “Systems Engineer,” other job titles in this field include

System Administrator: Responsible for maintaining, configuring, and operating computer systems and servers.

System Architect: Designs and builds computer systems and networks to meet specific needs.

Solutions Architect: Develops technical visions for specific business solutions.

Network Engineer: Designs IT networks for businesses to enhance internal communication and data security.

Infrastructure Engineer: Designs and maintains a company’s technical infrastructure, including servers and cloud storage.


Systems Engineering offers a plethora of possibilities in the tech industry and promises rewarding career opportunities. If you’re interested, we are currently accepting applications for a comprehensive Systems Engineer career. Hiremefast – We Help You Land Offers That You Accept 100%  in professionals working for top companies. With starting salaries of $80,000 and above, don’t hesitate to pursue your career goals today!

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